This is a story about three engineers, Janette, Brooke and Puja, who wants to approach and create beauty products in the same way as they do their job. Namely by relentless research, by careful design of experiment, by by extensive data collection, by meticulous data analysis, by collecting peer review and feedback and then by eating the humble pie of what appeals to one may not appeal to the rest of the 7 billion people on planet earth.

Along the way, Puja left the group for California where she, her husband and little baby girl gets to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful coastline. We do miss her and her way of keeping us on track 🙂

In place of Puja, we roped in Andrew, who decided that after watching Brooke made soaps, he prefers to be in the background and does a fantastic job at tracking inventory, researching raw materials and procure the best quality materials there is out there. He is also the one who made sure we never run out of any supplies.

We were very lucky because we had great friends like Bill Anderson from Anderson Custom Works, who built us loads of soap molds and beautiful soap display boxes. We returned the favor by adding Bill into The Soap Engineers’ Free Soap For Life Club!

We also had a bunch of testers that tested, commented and give us loads of good feedback on how to further improve our products. As engineers, one of the things we do so well is that no matter how good the product is, we will always continue to keep trying, keep improving and keep experimenting till we have an even better product.

This continuous improvement is only possible with inputs from you. Please follow us, and give us support, comment on our blogs as we embarked this foreign journey 🙂

Janette, Brooke a.k.a The Soap Engineers!


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